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If you have any questions regarding your certification or CHRC approval status, please contact the Office of the Superintendent @ (207) 247 - 3221.

Application For  a Criminal History Record Check

Please note:  Maine law requires that all school employees have their fingerprints taken so that state and federal criminal background checks can be conducted.  This requirement must be met within eight weeks from the date of hire.  If an employee does not currently hold an approval certificate from the ME Department of education, he or she must obtain a temporary approval (which is valid for the first eight weeks of employment)  and then be fingerprinted during one of the available fingerprinting sessions established by the Maine Department of Education,  please forward a copy to the District Office.

Obtaining your Approval for the first time is a two step process

  1. Mail an application and fee to the Maine Department of Education immediately after hire.
  2. Register for a fingerprinting appointment.

Criminal HIstory Check Renewal

If you are not a certified staff member, you must renew your CHRC approval every 5 years.  Within two months proceeding your CHRC approval expiration date, mail a renewal application

Certification Information

The Maine Department of Education requires certification or authorization for a number of positions in our schools.  Pleasae find information about these credentials here:
Administrators, Teachers and Educational Specialists Certifications:

~Certification Website~

~Specific Certification Requirements~

Highly qualified Information and Resources

~HQTP Website~

Educational Technician Authorization

~Certification Website~