Registration(all other)
Student Registration Form
2012 Registration Registration Information
Please feel free to download and complete these forms before you visit us to register.

Registration involves obtaining a great deal of information from you.  In order to utilize your time wisely, parents are encouraged to download and complete the following forms prior to coming in to register.  If you are not able to print them off at home, these forms are available at the school you are registering your student.

1. Student Registration
2. Emergency Form
3. Transportation Form
4. Health Information Update Form
5. Immunization Requirements

 Kindergarten Registration
 New Student Registration (during Year)

 New Student Registration
Transportation Form
Emergency Treatment Form
Home Language Survey
Maine School Asthma Plan (If Applicable)
Administration of Medication (If Applicable)
Residency Affidavit
 Transfer of Pupil Records
(obtained from school)

 Immunization Requirements
Kindergarten Registration Questionnaire