In the interest of public health and safety, any group using RSU 57 facilities (the “User”) during the COVID-19 emergency shall be responsible for ensuring that the User’s activities are in compliance with orders and guidance from the Governor and State and local authorities, including limitations on the number of people at gatherings and social distancing guidelines. The RSU assumes no responsibility for ensuring such compliance and reserves the right, in its discretion, to close RSU facilities and terminate the User’s use of RSU facilities at any time to protect public health and safety. The User waives any claims and causes of actions that may arise from such termination, and shall defend and indemnify RSU 57 against any such claims or causes of actions. In addition to the fees and charges listed in Policy KF and Procedure KF-R, the User shall be responsible to pay costs to clean and sanitize RSU 57 facilities before and after the User’s activities.


Below is just a snapshot of the Use of School Facilities Policy. The entire policy, KF and KF-R can be found at It is also linked on each request before it is submitted.

The hours of use by outside organizations shall normally be restricted to the period after the school day ends to 10:00 p.m. on weekdays and from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. on non-school days. In some instances, deviations from these hours may be permitted by the Director of Finance and Operations if such deviations from these hours will in no way limit or restrict the regular school instructional program and the district can appropriately fulfill the request. The facilities will not be available for rental at times when they are scheduled for maintenance or custodial purposes. All organizations are expected to adhere strictly to scheduled hours.

Use of buildings is strictly limited to the area or areas requested via the approved application and capacity is strictly limited to the seating or standing room capacity of the area in use.

The building administrator must approve establishment of concessions for dispensation of foods, soft drinks, popcorn, candy, etc., in advance of application. Refer to Policy EFE.

The school district will assume no responsibility for receipt and/or storage of supplies or equipment for the benefit of the user group. Charges will be made for any space used for equipment and materials and must be approved in advance by the building administrator.

A certificate of insurance from an insurance company rated “A” or better and admitted to do business in the State of Maine shall be required to be provided covering the event for which the use of facilities are requested. NOTE: R.S.U. #57 must be named as additional insured for the specified event or purpose.

The administrator may deny the use of a building to an approved group when the space applied for has already been committed to another group or the space applied for may not be used for the purpose requested under these regulations.

School related events take precedence over any other use and the administrator has the right to refuse facility use when there is a conflict within the school and reserves the right to transfer applications of use of any facility to another comparable facility when deemed necessary.

Continued use of school facilities by any group is contingent upon the group’s taking proper steps to protect the school property and to ensure complete safety, the observance of the prohibition against smoking or other use of tobacco products, alcoholic beverages on school district property, and the reimbursement of its expense to the district. If the administrator feels that misuse of these items or other rules or procedures has occurred, it is his/her duty to advise the group so that the misuse will be stopped. If continued misuse occurs, the group shall be prohibited from further use of school facilities.

There shall be no temporary or permanent signs, banners, pennants, or the like placed in or on school property by any group except those associated with activities sponsored by the school and as approved by the Superintendent of Schools or his/her designee.

The use of any school equipment is specifically prohibited unless prior approval has been received from the administrator in consultation with the appropriate district personnel.

If an organization leaves a facility in a condition worse than when it arrived the district will charge the user group for the custodial time to restore the facility to its proper condition.

The district reserves the right to immediately remove individuals or groups from school district property that are not utilizing district facilities in accordance with district policy or procedure, or if the district feels it is necessary for safety, security or other similar reasons.

If a group goes beyond their approved hours (either arrives early or does not leave on time) the district reserves the right to remove the group immediately from the premises. In addition, the group may also be charged a late fee if the situation continues and/or may be banned from future facility use.

The district reserves the right to close the entire district and/or specific facilities at any time. In such situations the district will notify the public of such closure and facility use will be prohibited.

It is the district’s procedure that outside organizations do not have keys, key codes or other means of access to district facilities. Therefore, district facilities will be opened and closed by district personnel only. This may result in a charge to the outside organization.

Depending on the specified use, and at the discretion of the administrator, user groups may be required to pay for additional staff members to be present at their event including, but not limited to; kitchen personnel, custodial personnel or grounds staff.

User groups may also be charged a facility use fee based upon Policies KF & KF-R and appendix A. Note that facility use fees are charged in whole hour increments with a four (4) hour minimum.

Facility Use Information

All facility use requests are completed online. The first step toward completing an online facility use request is to create an ML Schedules user account. You can do so by by clicking the link at the bottom of the page. Be sure to complete all information fields and then click the submit button. Once your account has been created you may complete your request for a building or field.

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