Tickets are on sale for the MMS fall play, The Wacky Horror Cyber Show. Join us on November 18th- 20th!
3 months ago, Kelly Grantham
fall play poster
We hope to see you at MMS' Bring-a-Vet to Dinner, sponsored by the MMS Student Council. See the flyer for more information and RSVP at:
3 months ago, Kelly Grantham
bring a vet to dinner flyer
Tooth Protectors provided care to 22- students at their last visit to MMS. Have questions about preventative dental care? Contact a RSU 57 school nurse!
3 months ago, Kelly Grantham
tooth protector staff
A few more of our awesome MHS Drama volunteers. Thanks to MHS Director Cat Leavitt for supporting our event!
3 months ago, Kelly Grantham
beanbag game
game play
tic tac toe
Our carnival featured a preview of our fall play, The Rocky Horror Cyber Show, which will be on November 18-20th. Hope to see you there. (Plus, here are some other cute trick-or-treat table photos!)
3 months ago, Kelly Grantham
Play preview
family table
family tables
Carnival poster
Our downstairs was transformed into Boo Alley, Witch Way, Zombie Lane, (dreaded!) Clown Corner, and even a Halloween fashion show!
3 months ago, Kelly Grantham
Witch way
zombie lane
clown corner
fashion show
Thank you to all of our MHS Drama volunteers for running all of our crafts, games, and the Halloween dance!
3 months ago, Kelly Grantham
craft table with high school volunteers
face painting by high school volunteers
high school volunteers
20-families sponsored a trick-or-treat table—we provided the candy, they provided the amazingly creative decor and Halloween hospitality!
3 months ago, Kelly Grantham
gym filled with candy tables
Frankenstien table
Red riding hood table
witch themed table
Halloween Carnival 2022 was a huge success! An amazing 1,153 of you joined us at MMS for the festivities. Tremendous thanks go to Cyrena Nielsen and Bailey Daigle, MMS Drama Directors, for their vision and creativity in creating the event and the days spent seeing it through. Thank you to our MMS Drama Club student actors, our MHS Drama volunteers, our dozens of parent and staff volunteers, RSU 57 facilities and support staff, and everyone who, with their time or donation, made this event possible. Our platform has a 4-photo limit, so we'll be sharing a series of photo posts from the event!
3 months ago, Kelly Grantham
Group photo
Grantham family photo
baby in dinosaur costume
two girls posing in costume
Friday was Mix It Up Day at MMS! From mismatched clothes for Spirit Week to welcome tunnels and music upon arrival at school; a “mix it up” advisory lesson to “mixed up” seats by birth month at lunches today—it was a fun way to practice empathy and acceptance. Staff ate and joined in as the tables chatted about their answers to ice breaker questions and Mrs. Tremblay emceed the lunches. A fun Friday indeed! Our thanks to MMS School Counselors Jenn Landez, Julie Pagano, and Jess Tremblay, as well as all of our student ambassadors for organizing the day!
3 months ago, Kelly Grantham
8th grade lunch
7th grade lunch
6th grade lunch
welcome to school
A huge thank you to the MMS community for a wonderful first dance! We estimate almost 450 middle schoolers danced and snacked away the afternoon together. Thank you to our 25+ staff chaperones; the Bryant family and friends for coordinating, baking and selling concessions; MMS parent Jon Campbell for the professional deejay treatment; Cyrena Nielsen for the decorations; and of course, our parents for the support. What a fun day!
3 months ago, Kelly Grantham
boys at a dance
the crowd at concessions
teacher chaperones
girls at a dance
4 days until the Halloween Carnival at MMS! It's a free, family event for kids of all ages. Children must be accompanied by an adult to attend, so we hope to see the whole family.
3 months ago, Kelly Grantham
Halloween Carnival poster
Maine’s Student Mock Election is democracy in action at MMS today. Thank you to our student poll volunteers and to Ms. Lucas for organizing this fun event.
3 months ago, Kelly Grantham
poll volunteers
placing vote
checking in voters
MMS Drama students who are currently involved in The Wacky Horror Cyber Show enjoyed a trip to see The Addams Family at Schoolhouse Arts Center in Standish on Sunday. They had a spooky, kooky, and all together ooky time!
4 months ago, Kelly Grantham
Drama club field trip to Addams Family
MMS Winter sports info is out! Sign up now for middle school basketball or winter cheering.
4 months ago, Kelly Grantham
MMS Winter sports info
MMS Drama Club has plenty of Tricks up their sleeve for the Family Halloween Carnival on the 29th...and hopefully lots of treats too! We're buying a whole bunch of treats but we're also seeking donations of bags of unopened Halloween candy. Want to volunteer? We'd love that too!
4 months ago, Kelly Grantham
Donations needed poster
Save the date for the first annual MMS Halloween Carnival!
4 months ago, Kelly Grantham
Halloween Carnival poster
MMS welcomed Addison Palmitessa and Sean Perkins of Waterboro Fire and Rescue to school today for day one of our 6th grade Health classes’ public health and safety week. Students toured the interior and exterior of ambulance and learned about 9-1-1 awareness and first aid tips. Thank you to health teacher Mrs. Mariello and to our Waterboro partners for a memorable learning experience!
4 months ago, Kelly Grantham
interior ambulance tour
exterior ambulance tour
October menus are now available!! > Menu > Documents > Food Service Menus
4 months ago, Vanessa Richardson
MMS Student Council members planted and decorated around our school signs yesterday. They look fantastic, thank you! Thanks also to the RSU 57 Operations Department for funding the materials.
4 months ago, Kelly Grantham
Student Council members planting
One finished sign
Second decorated sign